Elmo Birthday Cake

It’s time for Elmo Birthday cake!!!! So super exciting!!!!  This cake was definitely a  new challenge but i have to say i LOVED making it. It’s that time of year again for my little cousin Emma’s 2nd birthday! You may remember her 1st bday cake here. This year she’s obsessed with a little furry friend we all know and love, Elmo. So i was very excited to take on my first ever Elmo cake!

The cake itself is a chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling. Our birthday girl LOVES chocolate and we think she loves chocolate cake even more! So we thought that would be a good combo. The cake is iced with vanilla buttercream and has fondant decorations on the outside. And i have to point out that little miss Em also LOVES anything fondant, as you can see in the pics below. So now i think every birthday cake for her has to have some fondant on it…lol.

Now the actual Elmo construction  is a totally different story. Elmo is made completely of rice krispie treats and buttercream as well as a few dowels in there for support (there will be a making of elmo post coming soon as well!). He was my first ever rice krispie treat sculpture. Usually i do these things out of cake and frosting mushed together, but for something a little on the larger side and it also had to survive an hour drive in the car to NJ,  i thought cake would be too heavy. I know Duff from Ace of cakes always does rice krispie treats so i thought hey why not give it a try. There was some fun trial and error involved, and a hammer at times to get the dowels in lol, but i have to say i’m officially a fan!

I am really happy with the end result and am thrilled that the family loved it! Everyone even got into the act of literally pulling elmo apart to eat him…lol. And i am happy to say the cake was equally devoured.  So happy birthday to the most adorable food loving little Miss Emma, i totally can’t wait for next years cake! :)


Big sister Sarah goes for Elmos nose!

Emma loves her fondant!

Emma digs in!

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