Yoga Cupcakes

These cupcakes are yogarific! These were inspired by one of my my college roomates who is now a quite awesome yoga teacher in Boston (she’s also a Harvard librarian, what a cool combo right!? we like to call her our yoga librarian, she’s utterly fabulous!). We went up for a girls weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday and i brought these as a surprise present for her. And yes we’re all turning 30 this year so there will be a lot of these posts…lol! :)

The cupcakes are our classic chocolate cupcakes with tinted vanilla icing, fondant cutout, and edible ink paper with the yoga poses in the middle. I thought it was completely fitting, and i learned a little about yoga while doing these, however it was much more helpful when my old roomie explained to us all the poses. She loved the cupcakes and we had a great girls night weekend (and we may have eaten most of these at about 3am lol)

So happy birthday to one of my “faaaaabulous” college roomies, Miss Abby T! And if you’re into yoga, check out her awesome¬†BLOG for some great yoga insights and other yoga inspired fun! :)


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  2. by melissa girkesh on November 12, 2011  8:41 PM Reply

    where did you get the edilble print outs for the cupcakes???

    • by Lisa B. on December 28, 2011  4:54 PM Reply

      we make them ourselves on our edible ink printer. i kind of love it, it's one of my favorite things, and you can get a setup for pretty cheap. check out Thanks for checking out our blog! :)

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