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Cute Animals Cake
  • Cute Animals Cake

  •   This super cute animal cake was for my awesome sister-in-law. She is a huge animal lover, has worked at various shelters, and houses rescue animals often along with having 3 adorable pets as well. We wanted to model the animals in the cake after their pets - Isis, their doggie, and 2 b[...]
  • Purple Sparkle Bat Mitzvah Cake

  •   We LOVED this cake!! Purple and sparkles, 2 of our favorite things!!! This cake was for a little chef in training Bat Mitzvah girl, Shana. The theme was Chez Shana with a purple color theme. The cake even matched her super cute dress!!! Happy Birthday Shana!! :)    [...]
  • Sewing Machine Cake

  • This was such a fun challenge! One of our regular customer wanted a custom cake for her grandfather's 80th birthday. He was a tailor who specialized in Russian hats and she wanted an old school sewing machine just like the one he has had for years. We were able to make the sewing machine out of [...]
  • Lilypad Baby Shower Cupcake Tower

  • This was a super cute Lily pad themed, pink and green baby shower cupcake tower. The soon-to-be baby is of course named Lily, and we were able to do fondant initial L's on the cupcakes. The cupcakes were all different flavors, red velvet, mint-chocolate, chocolate, and vanilla. The top cake was [...]
  • Pink Multicolor Minnie Mouse Catch & Matching Cupcakes

  • This was a super fun Minnie Mouse cake for a super cute little girl from Brooklyn! The cake is yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, covered and decorated in fondant. We were able to make this cake and buttercream special with almond milk, due to a milk allergy, and it was still super delicious.[...]
  • iPhone cake

  • Our first iphone cake!!! This was actually a graduation cake, and we were able to customize all of the icons to the graduate. The cake is yellow cake with vanilla rainbow sprinkle buttercream. Covered in fondant and we painted the silver parts with silver luster dust to make it look like metal, [...]
  • Ladybug Cake

  • Yay for ladybugs!!! This was a ladybug cake for Brooklyn's adorable Miss Stella Rose's first birthday. Everything is totally edible! The party took place in a gorgeous park in Brooklyn with super cute matching sugar cookies from our fabulous pals over at Cookie Fairy Sweets.Happy Birthday Stella R[...]
  • Cookie Monster Cake

  • I LOVE this cake oh so much!! We haven't done a cookie monster variation and this was our chance. And i love that we can use store bought chocolate chip cookies to decorate it, and i get to eat the extras hehehe. This cake was for 2 local adorable twin boys. It's chocolate cake with cookies n crea[...]
  • Elmo Cupcake Tower & Big Bird Cake

  • A new twist on Elmo cupcakes!!! This was a super fun tower we made for my college roomate's baby's first birthday!! We've done Elmo cupcakes before, but i wanted to do ones that were like the ones i grew up with, the ones from the old school bakeries in the 8os, a big mound of frosting covered in [...]
  • Chinese Dragon Cake

  • Love love this cake. I was a little worried, being it was my first ever dragon. But i am super happy with the results. This was a custom dragon birthday cake for a fabulous fellow small biz gal for her boyfriend. The birthday boy requested lemon cake with raspberry jam and red tinted vanilla butterc[...]
Scooby Doo Cake
  • Scooby Doo Cake

  • A super fun custom cake for little Ryan's 5th birthday in NJ! The cake is chocolate cake with vanilla chocolate chip buttercream, iced with colored vanilla buttercream (yes that is indeed buttercream outer frosting) and everything else is little fondant decors. I love the mystery machine, it was[...]